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Shivangi Sharma*, Minal Choudhary

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An incidental rare finding of a TRAP sequence during a caesarean section: A case report

Case Report

Author Details : Shivangi Sharma*, Minal Choudhary

Volume : 8, Issue : 2, Year : 2021

Article Page : 264-266

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Twin reversed arterial perfusion (TRAP) sequence is an anomaly of monochorionic twin pregnancies where one twin has an absent, non-functioning or rudimentary heart while the other twin may be normal. The condition occurs because of early development of arterio -arterial anastomoses between the umbilical arteries of twin foetuses that share a fused placenta. In this condition, the affected anomalous (acardiac twin) is perfused by the normal twin (pump twin) via an arterio-arterial anastomosis. The affected twin
(acardiac twin) presents with malformations such as absent (acradia) or rudimentary heart, underdeveloped or missing head, upper body and limbs. As pump twin has to provide circulation to itself as well as the perfused twin, this increased burden to perfuse acardiac twin increases the risk of developing cardiac failure in pump twin. Here we present such a case of 22-year-old, which was diagnosed per operatively during caesarean section at department of obstetrics & gynecology, Rukshamaniben General Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Keywords: TRAP sequence, TRAP syndrome, Choriongiopagus parasiticus, Acardiac twinning, Pump twin.

How to cite : Sharma S , Choudhary M , An incidental rare finding of a TRAP sequence during a caesarean section: A case report. Indian J Obstet Gynecol Res 2021;8(2):264-266

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