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Mitasha Nagori*, Madhubala Chauhan

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Serum CRP levels in pre-eclampsia and its association with microalbuminuria

Original Article

Author Details : Mitasha Nagori*, Madhubala Chauhan

Volume : 7, Issue : 4, Year : 2020

Article Page : 553-558

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Introduction: Hypertensive disorders complicating pregnancy are common and form one of the deadly triad, along with haemorrhage and infection; that contribute greatly to maternal morbidity and mortality.
Maternal morbidity remains increased with pre-eclampsia, which continues to be one of the leading causes for the admission of pregnant women to intensive care units in the developed world.
Aim & Objectives: 1. To measure the levels of S. CRP and urine albumin levels in women with preeclampsia; 2. To evaluate the association of S. CRP levels and albuminuria in pre-eclampsia.
Materials and Methods: Hospital based study conducted at PDZH, RNT Medical College, Udaipur. All 100 Pre-eclampsia women attending OPD and labour room of PDZH were evaluated within a period of one year.
Results: There was statistically significant increase in the levels of serum CRP and Albumin excretion in urine, and also there was a significant positive correlation between CRP and Albuminuria (p<0> Conclusions: The immune activation related to endothelial dysfunction, the inflammatory mechanisms that lead to vasospasm, and the inflammatory response associated with the presence of necrotic placental cells in the uterine and placental bed. Serum CRP and Albuminuria are positive markers of inflammation and can be used as utility parameters for the assessment of pre-eclampsia.

Keywords: Serum CRP, Albuminuria, Pre-eclampsia.

How to cite : Nagori M , Chauhan M , Serum CRP levels in pre-eclampsia and its association with microalbuminuria. Indian J Obstet Gynecol Res 2020;7(4):553-558

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